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Podcast : Riley's "Show Me The Ring" Brooke and Eric

How gorgeous is this couple? they look so at peace and in love that it gives me chills....but what I love more about them is they also seem like a couple that knows how to laugh at each other and have fun with life together.

Brooke and Eric have the sweetest story. Brooke was slow to want to go out with Eric because he was burnt out on the whole dating scene, but with some advice from her family and her mom she decided to give Eric a chance. This one hits me in the heartstrings because I know all to well that feeling of giving up and then finding your someone right after.

I just love how simple and meaningful their proposal was...

"We were in Ocean City for one of my cousins weddings, heading up to my aunts restaurant for some lunch. He pulled onto 8th street (we used to live on 8th street OC) beach side and asked me if I wanted to walk on the sand cause we hadn’t gotten a chance to that weekend yet. We walked along the water, picked up some seashells and he stared talking all sweet. He was telling me how he loves me and wanted to spend his life with me. Then he said that I've waited long enough and got down on his knee in the sand! Of course I squealed YES and he said we could write the date on the best seashells we collected. It was just us and so beautifully perfect. I can’t wait to marry my man in just under 2 months !!!"

I could just squeal its so perfect.

Drum roll please for the ring....

Brooke's modern classic stunner is a pear shaped diamond set in a cathedral setting surrounded with a halo and finished off with a pave band. here rign is so unique that it has the prettiest peek-a- boo diamond detail nestled on the sides of the setting.

Brooke told me that she had always wanted a high setting because she plans on using her aunt's ring as her wedding band along with a sapphire band to complete the stack.

Obsessed with how stunning all three rings from different styles and eras fit together. Love Love LOVE!!!

HUGE congrats to this beautiful couple!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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