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Ya'll I don't know why I'm like this...every year, every event I order something I think is going the be THE LOOK. I order it all excited and then I get it and its a big fat NOPE. Then like clockwork I will wait until the last minute to find something and it ends up being just what I wanted.

I guess fashion imitates life with me, If I relax and let go, it all works out. Anyhoo enough of the mush. Onto the deets of the outfit ya'll were hitting me up on the gram for.

I had been stalking this top on Amazon in a different color for about 2 months and bit the bullet last week in the hopes that it would fit well for the show. the only thing worse than having an outfit that just doesn't work out entirely is having your backup plan be uncomfortable and you're tugging on it all night. and now I want it in allllll of the colors. None of that was going on here, it fit like a glove, the material was nice and didn't bunch up at all. I ordered a size small in Dark Teal but they have all the sizes and like 15 different colors.

Click HERE to snag yours.

Admittedly I'm not much of a high end denim person. I used to have a fetish for True Religion back in the day ( shameful I know) but since them I'm honestly happy with whatever feels and looks good. I scored those grey/black Rag & Bone Cate ankleskinnies at TJMaxx for $80!! Mind you I almost NEVR spend that much on jeans but they were the perfect color for what I wanted so I went with it. Everyone kept asking who made them and I really did like the way the felt on so I feel like they were worth it. I dunno about about the retail $225 worth it. But if your cheap like me go check your nearest TJ Maxx.


I found them at Nordstrom on sale for $90! Click HERE

This was the closest I got to a pic of the boots. Someone asked me if the were Stewart Weizmann something or others....I chuckled. Now look, I LOVE and obsess about the high end fashion pieces on the daily. But mama has a mortgage and to tiny humans at home so we cant do all that. But honestly, I love it when I can tell people that ask that I got these at a clearance sail at Forever 21 four years ago for $12. Its the little things ya know?

I tried to find a dupe and just stumbled on these that are freaking $112 on sale from $525??? Um what?

Now its my mission to find a dupe for ya'll. Ill report back soon.

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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