Cake Tasting OOTD

I was so excited about the idea of getting to relax and eat cake with my soon to be hubby that I wasn't even thinking about what I should wear...

I think we as brides put so much thought into the actual wedding dress, the rehearsal dinner dress, the bridal shower dress that we often forget about the looks for the stuff leading up to the big day. Or maybe the looks for tastings don't really matter and I'm just being neurotic. Could be a very strong possibility but here we are doing an OOTD for a cake tasting. I wanted so be cute but wear something loose so I could comfortably stuff my face.

That denim jacket is one of my favorites pieces in my whole entire closet because full disclosure over had it for over 10 years. I think and ex-boyfriend that worked at Aeropostale at the time may have given to it me but that's entirely beside the point. That jacket is literally the best thing I got out that relationship because its a classic that goes with everything and stood the test of time unlike that guy. And despite it going semi in and out of style over the years I never got rid of it and I'm so glad I didn't. Fashion is kinda like karma, what goes around comes back around. I actually featured in last weeks OOTD I love it that much. Obviously you cant cant that exact one anymore but HERES one that's similar.

Those reeboks are my 2nd favorite thing in my wardrobe right now. I got them on the clearance rack at the Marshall's near my house for $19. To be fair I wear kiddie sized so I usually get my kicks cheaper than most. But don't sleep on the Reebok brand. I feel like they are another old school brand that's making a comeback. They have a bunch of super cute women's styles for like $55 bucks.

The dress is yet another throwback. I ordered it from Forever 21 like two years ago at the end of a summer clearance sale and it just sat in my closet for whatever reason. I knew I would wear it at some point and for the $12 I paid for it I thought why not just get it even thought I didn't have a specific occasion for it at the time. And its so lightweight and comfy too! HERE are some similar options.

Happy Shopping!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture