Riley's Date Night OOTD

Two and a half months after popping out my newest little guy I'm starting to have fun with clothes again. If I'm honest I lived it leggings for the better part of a year so I've tried to avoid them with everything that I am. But when you are counting macros and you only get one date night with the fiancé a month you wanna be semi comfy but still gotta keep it cute. So I figured faux leather leggings was a sassy compromise.

So why the only one date night a month? Well obvi we have two kids now and they are growing up too damn fast so we don't want to miss a minute. But also sitters are pricey and we are planning a wedding. But Marshall and I promised ourselves that we would always make time for us as a couple. Its like I always say....We were Riley and Marshall before we were mom and dad.

Anyhoo on to the outfit details.

Vintage Havana Sneakers

Melting Lips Tee

Faux Leather High Waisted Leggings

American Eagle Denim Jacket (Got this 100 years ago)

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture