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Happy Birthday Lyric!!

That cake was the crown jewel of my kiddo's birthday weekend! 

Lyric's actual birthday isn't until Friday but we decided to celebrate it early to be with family...and so that we could save the $100 on taking him to Disney. Kids two and under a free so we were for sure gonna take advantage of that little discount. 

Disney was incredibly magical and a memory I will never forget, but if I'm honest my favorite moment of the whole weekend was showing him his Mickey cake. I'll admit that I've been a bit of a Cakezilla when it comes to my son's party's. His first birthday cake was a disaster and his second birthday cake was cute but kinda basic. So this year I wanted ti to be something special. And that it was!!! 

We got the cake at Sam's Club for $40!!! They did such a beautiful job too! If I ever get married I do believe my wedding cake will be from them! 


Best mommy moment of life. While I was greeting everyone coming to the party I turned around to find the birthday boy attacking his cake. But I thought hey, its your birthday kid. Do you.   

Because what 3rd birthday party would be complete without the IG inspired number balloons. Those were a mother to keep safe from the wind. In fact by the end of the party we had lost two out of the three I ordered. But Lyric loves playing with them so that's all that mattered! 

I ordered them on eBay and had them blown up at the local grocery store. The balloons were around $2.50 and the charge to to blow them up was a $1.00 per balloon. 


I was so THAT mom with my Pinterest inspired Mickey goodie bags. I was cursing these damn things the night before as I sat on the floor surrounded by construction paper and buttons but in all honestly they were THAT difficult to make. And they came out SO CUTE. The bags themselves were from Micheal's but the rest of the supplies came from the Dollar store. All in all it cost me about $10 to make them. GO ME! 

I honestly don't think its humanly possible for this to have been a better weekend with family and friends. Feeling beyond blessed right about now!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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