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Keeping Up With The Coif

I swear my son's superpower is his hair! 

If I had a dollar of every time some cute girl stopped and cooed over his mane his college fund would already have a hefty amount waiting for him. But I get it because I happen to think my kiddo head of hair is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen but I'm his mother so I can tend to be a tad bias.

His hair has kind of always been a sensitive subject for me because my hair USED to do that but  I never the beauty of it. I always wanted to have stick straight hair like the girls I went to school with and never let my mane grow wild. All of the chemicals, ll of the flat irons, you name it I did it and not my hair has given up and doesn't produce those curly ques anymore. I'd imagine if I did a big chop and it started over it would, but he thought of that gives me anxiety.

So as you can tell wherever someone tells me that   to cut Lyric's hair I all but hiss at them. But anyhoo, on to the hair care tips. 

Every other night 

- Wash with Cantu Kids Nourishing Shampoo then thoroughly rinse

- Apply Cantu Kids Nourishing Conditioner and pick out with a wide tooth comb. Rinse.

- Apply Cantu Kids Leave In Conditioner and run through with your fingers to detangle any remaining tough spots.  

- Towel dry and BOOM!

Bouncy curls for everybody! There are lots of other kids products you can use for curl detagling and definition but those are the ones that I prefer for price and product. 

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture


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