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Why Was Matt Lauer Fired So Quickly?

It seemed as thought Matt Lauer was fired instantly after allegations of sexual abuse surfaced. Apparently NBC knew both "Variety" and "The New York Times" were researching multiple claims against Lauer and to avoid the bombshell articles, the network reportedly decided to axe him quickly.

The alleged claims against him are pretty jarring. 

Lauer once reportedly gave a colleague a sex toy as a present with an explicit note bout how he wanted them to use it. 

While in his office, he dropped his pants and showed off his member to a different female coworker. When she declined to do anything, he allegedly yelled at her. 

He would quiz female colleagues about who they've slept with, offering to trade names. 

Lauer has issued and apology since his termination...

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American Airlines Scrambles To Fill Holiday Pilot Shortage

If you’re planning to fly American Airlines this holiday season, they may be getting ready to screw you. 

The airline is scrambling to fill a holiday pilot shortage. Company officials say a computer glitch didn’t alert anyone that so many pilots would be off on vacation.

Now, they’re scrambling to fill the void. A spokesman for the airline said today American is offering pilots 150% of hourly pay to work open dates during the busy travel period.

If you’re planning to fly out of American’s biggest hubs such as New York, Miami, Dallas-Fort Worth and Chicago's O'Hare…be warned, your flight could be affected.

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Apple rushes to resolve ‘huge’ password glitch on its new operating system

Well this is a tad bit concerning.

"A major flaw in the way the MacOS High Sierra operates means that anyone can gain entry to a computer without the use of a password. Warnings about the bug were shared by computing experts such as Edward Snowden, who described Apple's operating system as "really bad" on Tuesday. While Apple works on permanently fixing the problem, the tech giant offered a workaround for users concerned about any possible ramifications on its website."

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Glitter is not just annoying, it could be bad for the environment

Not only is glitter annoying, its apparently dangerous.

Most glitters are in essence teeny tiny bits of shiny plastic, called microplastics. Which are well known hazards for the world's oceans, and they're currently a hot topic in the United Kingdom. The UK is trying to implement a ban on microplastics found in face washes, body scrubs and other products.

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Divorce Selfies Are Trending

Well this is one way to go about a divorce...

We’re used to seeing moments people capture from their lives on social media. Like couples getting engaged, married, and having babies. But now folks are documenting the end of their marriages on Facebook and Instagram with a new trend: the divorce selfie.

People are snapping photos of them with their soon-to-be-ex spouse and proudly sharing the moment on social media. The divorce selfie comes in many forms: when they’re signing the papers, with the city hall clerk, outside, or over drinks when the deed is officially done. And of course, the divorce selfie is only social media official with the hashtag #divorceselfie.

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