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Veggies from Target, Trader Joe's, and Walmart Have Been Recalled

Check you kale people...

A California company has voluntarily recalled packaged vegetables distributed throughout the U.S. and Canada due to a possible listeria contamination. 

The recalled brands include: Signature Farms products sold at Albertsons; Archer Farms products sold at Target; kohlrabi salad blends sold at Trader Joe's; several varieties of broccoli and cauliflower sold at Walmart; and at least 30 Mann branded bags of veggies.

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Tesla installs Powerpack and Powerwall batteries at hospital in Puerto Rico

So good to hear some good new for Puerto Rico!

Tesla tweeted out a pictures of  a new solar panel installation at Hospital del Niño in Guaynabo, calling it the "first of many" solar and storage initiatives planned to bring power to the people of Puerto Rico. 

Each Powerpack can can store up to 20 kWh worth of power, which in this case will be produced by the solar panels. 

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Sears Isn't Going to Sell Whirlpool Appliances Anymore

Sears is saying goodbye to Whirlpool after over 100 years of selling them. Sears said that Whirlpool was making demands that would've made it difficult to sell its appliances at a competitive price. Apparently In the U.S., consumers buy most of their small appliances, from Walmart so this is probably a good idea.

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Weinstein Company Hit With $5M Suit For Harvey Weinstein’s “Sexual Misconduct”

The Wienstein has been hit with a $5 million civil suit over the alleged misconduct of its former co-chairman and its alleged knowledge of his behavior, after yet another woman came forward with allegations against him. 

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Avocado Lovers: Someone Actually Wants to Hire You to Eat Avocados All Day

Sign me up!!!

An avocado-themed cafe is hiring a lucky taste tester for a position titled "Head of Avo Control." he dream gig involves sampling all of Good Fat's 20 menu items before it opens for business on November 2 as well as being an "avocado 'avocate'" on social media.

The ideal candidate has "a minimum two years experience in smashing avocados on toast or similar" and "proven knowledge of how to check ripeness by gently pressing the sweet spot and a healthy history of successful avocado selection.

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