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More Than 100 Reported Missing In California Fires

Mother nature just refuses to give u a break!

Ten have died in all in the wildfires sweeping across the Golden State, leaving thousands homeless in their wake. Twenty thousand people have had to evacuate. 

California is not only dealing with major wildfires, but now a long list of people missing because of them. County officials say they have gotten over 100 calls to the missing person hotline. They are weeding through the messages and believe some may be duplicates. Sonoma County Sheriff Rob Giordano said seven people had been killed there in fire-related incidents — and "that number's going to change."

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Get $50,000 For Guessing The New Oreo Flavor

Count me in!

The newest Oreo flavor is anyone's guess. They will come in a white package, and the cookies are the traditional chocolate Oreo cookies, but they're not telling you what the cream is.

If you guess it right, though, you could have a shot at winning $50,000.  And five other people who guess it right will win $10,000.  You have until the end of November to submit your guesses to Oreo's website.

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Harvey Weinstein Solicited Top Hollywood Execs Before Firing

This guy is truly a piece of work.

Hours before the board of The Weinstein Co. moved to fire Harvey Weinstein as its co-chairman, he sent a private email to a number of high-level Hollywood executives at the studios begging for their aid in helping him save his job.

"My board is thinking of firing me. All I’m asking, is let me take a leave of absence and get into heavy therapy and counseling. "

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Amazon Contemplates Tackling Pharmaceuticals


Amazon wants to take over the world.

Speculation is growing that Amazon wants to dive into the 560-billion-dollar market world of pharmaceuticals. They want to focus on consumers who already get their prescription medications online from companies like CVS, Costco, Walgreens and Walmart. It's not clear yet how Amazon's system would differ, but the so-called "Amazon effect" usually means a seismic shift for consumers and competition, driving down costs.

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New York County To Punish Parents For Kids’ Bullying

Not entirely sure how I feel about this...

A New York country near Buffalo has a new law that has parents facing possible jail time if their kid is caught bullying other minors. Parents of such bullies could be fined $250 and serve 15 days in jail if a child under 18 is caught violating the law twice within 90 days. In addition to bullying, the law also holds parents accountable if their kid is caught violating the city’s curfew.

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