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Puerto Rico National Guard Disperses Aid

The news about Puerto Rico is just heartbreaking. Truly heartbreaking. 

The Puerto Rico National Guard has dispersed food, water, and other supplies to the island in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Most grocery stores and restaurants on the island remain closed, largely because power is out on most of the island. Drinking water is also scarce. One vet said the devastation is comparable to war. 

The death toll from Maria in Puerto Rico is at least ten, but that number is expected to climb as rescue efforts continue in remote towns. President Trump says he will be visiting Puerto Rico next Tuesday.

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Uber will exit Quebec unless new regulations are changed

Just days after London decided not to renew Uber's license in the city, it looks like Quebec could be next is new policies don't change. 

"Uber has been operating in Quebec during the past year under a government pilot project. Last week, Quebec renewed the project for another year, but with stricter requirements. For example, the province wants drivers to complete 35 hours of training -- the same requirement its taxi drivers must undergo in Montreal.

An Uber spokesman in Quebec told CNN Tech the new driver training requirement is not feasible for many of its drivers who only work for the company part time and have other jobs. As a result, there could be fewer drivers available in the region and longer wait times for customers."

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Instagram now lets you choose who can comment on your posts

Popular Smart Phone Apps Of 2016

Bring on the hater blockers. 

IG just made it easier to remove haters from your comments. There's a new comment moderation tool means you can limit comments to specific groups of people. Those groups could be the people you follow or just your followers. Both public and private account holders will be able to block certain accounts from commenting on posts.

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Equifax CEO Steps Down

Equifax CEO Richard Smith is retiring effective immediately as the credit reporting agency tries to clean up the mess left by a damaging data breach that exposed highly sensitive information about 143 million Americans. He had been Equifax’s CEO since 2005.

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This Bride Donated Her Wedding Food to Irma Victims

This lady is so amazing!!

Hurricane Irma destroyed Jessica Jean Williamson's wedding venue in the Florida Keys earlier this month, she decided to take the food that she prepared for her reception to the people in the Keys.

Williamson was supposed to marry her boyfriend of eight years, Alex Arteaga, at a beachside home in the Florida Keys on September 9, just one day before Hurricane Irma made landfall there. The couple decided to cancel their wedding and wait out the storm in their West Palm Beach home.

"It felt good bringing people who have been eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for over a week some REAL food," Williamson wrote. "To see the look on their faces as they lined up for literally anything and got authentic street tacos... this was so worth it I'd do it all over again. It wasn't a wedding reception but we laughed and ate and danced with other humans who needed to be happy."

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