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My Life Was Made at the #iHeartFestival

If pictures really are worth a thousand words then this one is worth a million. 

I really don't fangirl over too many celebrities, or at least not like this, but P!nk is the one artists that I just have no hope of containing myself around. She has been my idol for most of my adult life for more reasons than just her music. She's just always been an all around badass that has zero blanks given for anyone that tries to make her anything other than who she is. 

When I was younger I always loved her sometimes painfully honest lyrics that seemed to mirror my life. Then when she became a mother and how gracefully she morphed into an even better version of herself. But even as a mom the P!nk bad-assery continued.

The minute that I saw she was on the interview call sheet it was all that I could do to not toss my cookies. Considering how obsessed with her I am I think it did pretty good. 

I am a total nerd I know. But come on its P!NK people! P!NK!

Looking at this picture now I look like a psychopath but no regrets at all. I'm just glad that I kept my wits about me long enough not to tackle her! The thought was there TRUST. But I get the feeling that would have been frowned up by some of the people at iHeartmedia.  

Seriously though her interview was so amazing!

Gawd she's just so amazing!!! Needless to say I am a happy girl.

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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