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Stilettos and Stripes....#RileyFashion

I am so ready for fall clothing people. Bring on Autumn! Cannot wait to trade in crop tops, shorty- shorts and sandals for chunky sweaters, layers tops and boots!

The problem is mother nature is't just ready to let go of some of tis summer weather so I can't bust out with my huge blanket scarf that nearly swallows me. Love that thing. Yesterday I was practicing my favorite pass time of playing dress up in my closet and came upon that striped blouse that has been neglected for most of the season. Last time I wore that one I was interviewing Iggy Azalea if that is any indication of how long that blouse has been collecting dust. 

(No shade to Iggy I promise) 

But anyhoo... I need to rock that top more often because I forgot how much I love the fit of it. Breezy and a tad bit of cleavage to make it sexy. And who doesn't love the change to stomp around in strappy stilettos and  ripped skinnies. Even if it is only in my living room for now.

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

Striped Blouse - $12.99 Ross

Rippes Skinnies - $29.99 Nordstrom Rack

Ankle Strap Stilletos - $19.99 Charlotte Russe

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