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President Announces Ban On Transgender Military Service In Tweets

The U.S. government will no longer allow transgender military service “in any capacity" after  President Trump announced the ban in a series of tweets yesterday morning.

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Amazon goes on hiring spree as labor market tightens


Amazon is seriously awesome for many this but this just makes them all that much more badass.

Amazon said on Wednesday said that it's looking to fill more than 50,000 positions across the U.S. The positions will open the doors to job seekers on Aug. 2, next Wednesday, at 10 shipping sites. The majority of jobs will be full-time. More than 10,000 part-time jobs will also be available at sorting centers, along with some supporting and managerial positions. Amazon also said in January that it wanted to hire 100,000 full-time workers over the next 18 months. 

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People Are Very, Very Upset About the Demise of Coke Zero

If you're a fan of Coke Zero then you had better stock up asap.

Wednesday morning Coca-Cola announced that Coke Zero will soon be replaced with "Coke Zero Sugar" with a different recipe and hence a new taste. Coca-Cola promises that the new drink will be made “even better” by “optimizing the unique blend of flavors that gave Coke Zero its real Coca-Cola taste,”  but loyal consumers have been furious on social media.

You have until August until your Coke Zero dreams are changed forever.

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Mom Who Was Forced To Give Up Toddler’s Seat Plans To Sue United

A United Airlines Airbus A319 airplane w

Hawaii mom Shirley Yamauchi, 31, told HuffPost that she is filing a lawsuit this week for the incident that happened in Late June. She says her 2-year-old son had to give up a seat she had paid nearly $1,000 for to a standby passenger whose ticket shared the same seat number. She says she had to hold her son on her lap for 3 and a half hours. 

It’s “unsafe, uncomfortable and unfair,” said Shirley Yamauchi “He was barely buckled in for nearly four hours.”

Yamauchi’s lawyer, Michael Green, said that they want to let “the people decide what to do to people that are this greedy and put lives potentially in danger.”

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Uber Newest Feature: In-Car Snack Vending Machines

First Lyft teams up with Taco Bell so that you can get your late night snack on and now Uber is upping their game. 

Your Uber might be getting an upgrade in the near future. Tech startup Cargo is providing rideshare drivers with free mini vending machines so passengers can buy things during their ride.

Cargo will give drivers a display case, offering things like energy drinks, snacks, over-the-counter meds, and even USB cords.

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