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Just Do It .....#RileyFashion

I often get asked the question of "How do I do it?"

Well that answer is always the same. " I do like Nike and just do it."

Being a single mom with a full time career and no family around aint' a cake walk by any means, but honestly I'm sort of proud of that struggle. Sure it would be nice to have that village around me that people say it takes to raise a child. But I have chosen the path less traveled when it comes to life and with that comes its challenges. But here's the thing, I really hope that someday my kiddo will look at his mommy and know that no matter what the uphill battle presented to him that he can do it. And hopefully he'll think his mommy looked pretty doing it.

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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