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Should I turn into a #Momager?

THIS KID. Swoon.

Usually I make it my mission to try and not be THAT mom in all things. I will never be caught dead in mom jeans, and I try not to be the person that thinks the entire universe revolves around their child. However I am failing miserably at the latter. I am OBSESSED with my son. I mean I know most mothers are the same but I just cannot stop starring at him lately. His gorgeous fluffy curls, his coy little smile, his sun kissed skin, and those eyes!! See, told ya. 


I swear I have a point and I not just senselessly bragging on my baby. My nanny sends me pictures of him throughout the day as she been constantly bring up that I should put him in baby modeling. Lyric is his mother's son and loves to be the center of attention but I'm fearful of ending up like the Kris Jenners of the world. Not that there's really anything wrong with being a #momager per say. There's a lot of talented people in the industry that are products of parents recognizing their kids talents and harnessing them at a young age. Hello Taylor Swift.

But what if I take him on an audition or "go-see" (if that's what they are even called) and he gets rejected. Oh my heart. I mean I'm not stranger to rejections. In all of my past years in ballet, chorus, pageants, RADIO, I know what it is to really want something and get shot down. 

I realize that I'm totally overanalyzing this being that he's not even to two but still. Mama bear is protective. But every time I overanalyze I look at this face..

I mean....I just can't. Maybe we should give the modeling thing a shot and see what happens.

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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