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Feeling fringy...#RileyFashion

Some afternoons while I'm waiting for the baby to wake from his nap I'll play dress up. Yes I am grown woman who still likes to play in her closet and sashay around in her dresses and shoes. There are worse things I could be doing with my spare time right? 

I can't believe were mid summer and I'm just now busting out with those gladiator sandals. Last year they were a staple in my wardrobe. Now that I have dusted the cobwebs off of them I need a real occasion outside of my closet to wear them.

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

Knee High Gladiator Sandals - $19.99 Charlotte Russe

Basic Tank - $4.99 H&M

Floral Fringe Cardigan - $7.99 Ross

Ripped Denim Shorts - $17.99 Forever 21

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