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Sweating is Sexy...#RileyFashion

As much money a I spend on fashion I am a bonafide cheapskate when it comes to workout clothes. There's just something strange to me about shelling out a bunch of cash on something your just going to sweat all over. That and workout clothes are so freaking pricey! 

Usually I just throw on one of the MANY radio station tee shirts that I've accumulated over the years and call it a day. But as of late I having been kinda lacking in motivation to go to the gym so I'm taking a cue from that saying "look good, feel good". And honestly it did the trick for me to get off my arse and sweat for a few reasons. 

One, if I spent the money on an outfit to sweat in then damnit I'm gonna sweat. 

And two, there's is something to be said for a what a snazzy pair of yoga pants can do for your self esteem while you grunting through your jump squats. 

Whatever works to get the work done right?

And side note... I was still a cheap ass about how much I spent. 

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

Nike Pro Classic Sports Bra - $17.95 Nike Factory Store

Breathable Tank - $9.99 T.J.Maxx

Mosaic Yoga Pantas - $14.99 Marshalls

Nike Flex Trainer - $19.99 Nike Factory Store

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