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New Study Confirms That Coconut Oil Is Alarmingly High In Saturated Fat

Bunner's "Fine Vegan Goodies is a vegan and gluten-free (Bake Shop). Owner Ashley Wittig talks to th

Just when we thought that coconut oil was one of those wonder products there's this. A recent study released by the American Heart Association suggests that coconut oil is actually pretty bad in the way of fats. As it turns out the is shockingly high in saturated fats...82% to be exact. The AHA reviewed existing data on saturated fats and found that in seven out of eight studies, coconut oil actually increased LDL cholesterol ― the bad cholesterol. 

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NASA Discovers 10 Potential Planets That May Be Habitable

Solar System

Nasa did something nifty this week. They reveled yesterday that they Monday that one of its teams discovered hundreds of new potential planets, 10 of which may be habitable. The 10 new potential planets could be rocky, and orbit in a range called the "habitable zone," which means there could be liquid water on their surfaces.

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This Root Beer-Centric Restaurant Is Planning a Major Comeback


Bring on the root beer floats! This year will be the first in a decade that A&W opens more stores than it has closed. Forty-five new A&W restaurants are set to open in 2017, 20 in the U.S. and 25 internationally.

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New dating app bans users who don’t show up for dates.

Ghosting may no longer be a thing because of this app.  The First Dating App actually bans users who bail on dates. YES! Here’s how it works. Once you make a profile, you can scroll through the people who are looking for a date to do a specific activity, or create a date and request submissions for it. The person who sets the date up chooses who they want to go with and if it’s you, you just show up and have a first date.

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People Are Using Coca-Cola As Self-Tanner, And Apparently It Works

Coca-Cola Predicts Drop In Profit This Year

This is a trend I won't be trying. People are using Coca-Cola for as elf tanner. And apparently the stuff really does work. According to Allure that’s because “the soda contains a caramel dye, which when applied to the skin, can give it that coveted characteristically bronzed tone.” But its pretty dangerous and could cause serious burn.

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