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Memorial Day Leftovers #FashionAddict

Slow clap for Forever 21!!! They have stopped up their bikini game for real. Back in the day I used to have my bathing suit topes made for me because the girls were heavy and the buying the tops and bottoms separate wasn't a thing. So needless to say when I find a bikini top that actually fits me and I don't get stuck with an ill fitting bottom I'm game. 

And side note....

Forever 21's accessory selection is dangerous! Everyone thought those $6 sunnies were of the expensive sorts you see in Instagram. Nope, I know better than to spend money on accessories that could possibly get lost in the ocean. 

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

Mash Halter Bathing Suit Top - $17.90 Forever 21

Mirror Sunnies - $6.90 Forever 21

Tassel Choker - $6.80 Forever 21

Ring Trio - $6.80 Forever 21

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