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Amazon Echo Wants To Pick Your Outfit For You

This is kinda scary. 

Amazon has been pushing their fashion a lot lately and the "Echo Look" is pitched as a tool to help you decide what to wear. It has  webcam is basically a mirror that streams to your phone, complete with a depth sensor to blur the background, make your outfit stand out. Amazon even includes an app called StyleCheck, which allows you to pair two photos of an outfit, send them to fashion experts, and get an opinion on which one to wear. That means that if  Echo Look catches on,  Amazon will soon be uploaded hundreds of thousands, even millions, of photos, and they’ll all be tied to your purchase history. And not just in clothing, but across the entire site. No thank you.

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April the Giraffe's Calf Still Needs a Name: Top 10 Revealed

1. Alyssa's choice—i.e., April's keeper, Alyssa Swilley, will get to pick the calf's name

2. Apollo

3. Geoffrey (fitting since the livestream was sponsored by Babies"R"Us)

4. Gio

5. Harpur

6. Noah

7. Ollie

8. Patch

9. Patches

10. Unity

Im totally digging Patches!

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Reebok is selling a $425 sweaty shirt to mock Nordstrom

Nordstrom was totally getting mocked on Tuesday for selling a pair of fake mud-caked jeans for a whopping $425. Not to be outdone Reebok is selling a a sweat-soaked shirt for the same price. The production description reads "We’re putting in the hard work for you and giving you a pre-sweated tee for that post-workout look and smell. " Nice.

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Apparently Eating Boogers Is Good For You

A study by KidSpots found that snot contains salivary mucins which forms a barrier against cavity-causing bacteria. There's also evidence to suggest the mucus in snot could defend against respiratory infection, stomach ulcers and HIV. Researchers are even now looking into a way to create synthetic mucus that could be made into chewing gum or toothpaste to provide the same benefits. EW.

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The Safest Place To Sit On The Plane

Good to know if your're that person who always get stuck at the back of the plane. According to a studt seats in the back of the plane. behind the trailing edge of the wing, had a 69 percent survival rate, while seats over the wing and in coach had a 56 percent survival rate. The front 15 percent of seats had a 49 percent survival rate.

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