Death Warmed Up...#SickDays


Pretty sure that my body went through some sort of zombie takeover in the last few days. Like lights out, upchucking, coughing, dizzy, weak, non-showering mess type of zombie take over. The always say that you have to take care of yourself before anyone else and its safe to say that I have learned my lesson six times over with that notion. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I HATE not being at work. HATE HATE HATE it. Before my son I used to radio was my first love. My husband. My reason for everything. So to be away from the show confined to my bed for 3 days sucked the big one. I call it show FOMO. No matter how sick I am it just doesn't feel normal for me not to be sitting behind the mic. Well this week I realized what a dummy I am for that. 

Monday morning I walked into the studio coughing up a lung and  Kane took one look at me and basically ordered me to to the doctor. He's always been that guy that takes care of his people. And even though I tried to be stubborn for an hour or two I eventually gave in and when to the clinic. Thank gawd Kane forced me to go get well because a double ear infection topped off with a nasty sinus infection was zero fun. Not to mention moms don't get sick days so there's that.

Bottom line is that I have to be committed to taking better care of myself because if I don't i can't be a good mommy or a great radio personality. Lesson learned. 

Its great to be back!!!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley




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