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Shiny Memories... #FashionAddict

For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with vintage gems. Something about them speaks to me. Almost as if they tell the story of the person that used to wear them. That may sound a tad creepy but if you think about, it trinkets last longer than people and heirlooms are the perfect way for memories to stick around forever. 

Every ring you see in this pic holds a special memory for me.

The emerald cut beauty you see to on the left isn't vintage but I couldn't post this without including what a special memory it holds. The center stone is a light pink tourmaline surrounded by white sapphires and blue tourmaline set in rose gold. It was a birthday present from my mother for my 30th birthday. She wanted me to have something unique to celebrate a milestone that at the time I wanted to run from. Why do we freak out about the big 3-0 so much? Or any age for that matter. It all a part of the journey.

The marquis cut ring was also a gift from my mother. She had it collecting dust in her jewelry box for the better part of ten years until she plopped it into my champagne glass during a hurricane party in Florida. True story. If you've never heard of a hurricane party it's what fellow Floridians do when there is a hurricane warning that we full well know isn't going to hit our area. So we party during the drizzle. Growing up in Florida you get used to storms. My mom has always liked to gift me her jewelry at the most random of times. Since about the age of five I would always have my nose in her jewelry box trying on her rings and bracelets. Which makes it so special to own some of those very rings today. 

The jade ring was a gift from my grandmother and it dates back to the 1930's. I didn't know my grandmother very well but I can remember clearly the day she gave it to me. I was 8 years old playing with my barbies and all too consumed with Barbie and Ken getting married to be concerned with this trinket. Now that my grandmother has long since passed away I feel honored to own a piece of her history.

The opal and pearl treasure you see is quite probably the most precious to me of all of them. Its circa 1910 and came all the way from a flea market in Paris. Before I knew my baby was going to be a boy I knew that I wanted to find a vintage bauble with his/her birthstone. We had planned a special mother-daughter trip to Paris before I got pregnant, so naturally I found this trip the perfect opportunity find just the right piece to commemorate the birth of my first child. The day we went looking for it wasn't as magical as I had hoped in the beginning. It was raining, cold and I was a four-months-along hangry little mama on a treasure hunt. The Parisian flea market that we went to was not the stuff of Pinterest dreams and had almost no jewelry anywhere. FINALLY we happened upon one tiny little shop that had a few pieces in its window. We had been searching so long that mama was almost ready to give up the search and go get a chocolate baguette. It was right then that my sister spotted that stunning opal ring in hidden in the back of the display. It was so unique and breathtaking that I swear I gasped and said "MINE!" in the way that Gollum said "My precious!" in Lord of The Rings. But when I looked at the price tag my heart sunk as it was about 2 times what I could afford. And no matter how much I wanted to have this heirloom for my baby I just couldn't justify it being a future single mom. What made matters worse is that the shop assistant (the dearest little old Parisian lady I ever did see) only spoke French. My sister saw that my preggo hormones were taking over and I was next to tears so she and my mom took over and did some magical haggling while I waited with bated breath. The squeal I let out coupled with an embarrassing happy dance was pretty epic. I think the shop lady was alarmed. But it was worth it because I will cherish that ring, and that memory for all of my days. Now someday if my son Lyric has a daughter she can own that memory too.

Until next time Fellow Fashion Addicts!

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture 

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