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Woman Who Spoofed April The Giraffe Video Gives Birth

How adorable is this?? And how adorable is the baby boy's name? 

Meanwhile.... April the giraffe still has not given birth.

Starbucks just realised their spring cps and they are TOTES ADORBS! They come in three colours, blue, yellow, and green. Some of them come with designs and others just plain so you can doodle on them. LOVE IT! 

But we have to wait for them because hey are not available until Marth 16th.

All The Reason's People Hate Daylight Saving Time

We all can't stand losing an hour of sleep but there are apparently more reasons why the spring forward sucks. 

It Causes Car Accidents - The combination of lost sleep and scant light can be dangerous for drivers. Research shows that the transition into DST causes a spike in fatal car crashes every year.

It Complicates the Heart - Research presented at the 2016 American Academy of Neurology's annual meeting found that stroke rates in Finland are about 8% higher in the two days following both the spring and fall time changes. In the U.S., the number of heart attacks jumps about 25% the Monday following the spring change.

It Makes Teens More Moody

DST also has a unique pull on teenagers: A study found that adolescents in a clinical trial lost nearly three hours of sleep on the weeknights following the spring change, which lead to an "increased sleepiness and a decline in psychomotor vigilance, including longer reaction times and increased lapses of attention."

Retailers Lose Serious Cash

Debit card spending in Los Angeles drops 3.5% during the fall DST change. In the spring, when we gain an hour, spending rises only 0.9%. "In other words, DST inadvertently has a deeper and broader effect in Los Angeles on spending than a policy specifically designed to stimulate spending," the study says.

It Messes With Babies

^^^^^That one sucks the most for me!!!

Article Courtesy of Time

This Dating App Matches You With Someone As Lazy As You Are

The dating app "Lime" launched last month and already has about 5,000 users. Its an app that matches you with other people that are as active as you are based on your iOS health app. So there more steps a day you get the better your matches are. The owner says the app gives you ability to connect on different levels and do more activities together.

Click HERE for the full article 

These Real Enchanted Roses Will Last 3 Magical Years

These are so pretty!!! 

Forever Rose is a company that originally started out making arrangements for the real family and now they are giving us roses that last 3 years. These roses can stay alive without water or sunlight and if kept in the Forever Rose dome they can last FOREVER! 

Click HERE for the full article 

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