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The Tea with Riley

All-Pink Starburst Bags Will Be Your New Candy Crush

Hallelujah!! Starting in April the all pink bag is upon us!!!!

The Statue Of Liberty Goes Dark For Hours

For several hours last night The Statue of Liberty went dark with all of it's lights vanishing. While waiting for the reasons to why, Twitter exploded saying that it was some  kind ofcorrelation with International Women's Day. A rep for the Parks Service says the darkness was due to and unexpected power outage. The Twitter-verse aint' buying it.

Instagram rips off yet another feature from Snapchat

IG is basically Snapchat at this point. They announced yesterday that they will be offering "Geo Stickers"...same as Snap. The new stickers are tied to specific neighbourhoods and landmarks with those cities and are designed to mach the vibe of the location. Only problem is they landmark feature is only available in NYC, Jakarta, and Indonesia. The stickers are however available now in the story section IG. 

Netflix is Unveiling Reality TV Shows

By the end of 2017 Netflix will be making some new ish for us to chill with. At the end of 2017 they will be making reality TV shows, doc soaps, and talk shows. And with this budget you know they are going to be good. het this...on the lower end the series will cost somewhere around $400,000 and on the higher end they will fetches somewhere around $1,000,000 and episode. Dang!

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Ben & Jerry's Announces 3 New Cereals Inspired By Cereal


Ben & Jerry’s just introduced their "New Cereal Splashbacks" inspired by our childhood cereals and they sound delish!!!

  • Fruit Loot features cereal milk ice cream with a crisp fruity cereal swirl.
  • Frozen Flakes consists of cereal milk ice cream with a crisp cereal swirl.
  • Cocoa Loco features chocolate cereal milk ice cream with a crisp chocolate cereal swirl.

While exclusively available at US Scoop Shops, Cereal Splashbacks will be available this September in New Zealand, Singapore and Australia.

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