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These Tattoos Create Ink That Can Store Data On Your Skin

I have seven tattoos so I'm no stranger to a good ink session but his gets a big fat NOPE.

"Tech Tats are temporary and use ink that conducts electricity. They are fitted with small sensors and trackers that turn them into tiny smart devices.So far the tech can measure temperature, which can be used to monitor fevers, for example. In the future, their potential use is virtually limitless. In fact, the tattoos can even be used to store data, such as your credit card and bank details. "


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Pregnant South Carolina Woman Hilariously Spoofs April the Giraffe's Livestream [VIDEO]

This is GENIUS!!! This future mama, photographer from South Carolina showed off her bump in a giraffe mask and got 13 million views! For nearly eight minutes, she paced around her bedroom, did a few squats, relaxed on her bed and even showed off some dance moves. I wish April the giraffe would have been pregnant when I had a bun in the oven because I so would have done this! 

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However terrible my handwriting is I cannot imagine not knowing how to write in cursive. But with kids today learning so much on laptops and always using texts to communicate I could see how this is a thing. Alabama and Louisiana passed laws in 2016 mandating cursive proficiency in public schools, the latest of 14 states that require cursive. Imagine not knowing how to actually sign your signature??

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5-Year-Old Girl Is Youngest to Ever Win Spot in Scripps National Spelling Bee

Edith Fuller beat more than 50 children Saturday at the 2017 Scripps National Spelling Bee at the ripe old age of 5. She won the competition by correctly spelling the word “jnana”. 

I cannot even say that word and she correctly spelled it? Little wiz kid she is! 

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Woman Becomes France’s First Weather Woman With Down Syndrome

This is one determined lady!! 21-year-old Mélanie Ségard’s dream of being the first weather woman in France with Down syndrome is coming true. The 21-year-old is getting her chance after posting a video on her Facebook page  "Melanie Can Do It" asking people to like the page and hoping to get the attention of her local news station. he challenges French channels to let her go on TV to do the weather if she gets 100,000 likes. And it’s working! Her video has been seen over 3.1-million times so far and gotten over 204, 000 likes. Mélanie is already set to appear on two French programs on March 27.

She says, “I’m different, but I want to show everyone that I can do a lot of things" by presenting on TV. Mélanie also thanks her new friends and fans and explains that this has been a lifelong dream of hers.


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