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The Tea with Riley - 02/10/17

New Features of the Upcoming iPhones!

Three new iPhones that are rumored for this fall, will feature wireless charging.

Apple is said to be working on over-the-air charging, which would allow a device to charge without needing to be directly connected to anything. 

According to a note obtained by MacRumors, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said wireless charging would increase the internal temperature of the phones. As a result, the forthcoming iPhone, dubbed the iPhone X by many, will have a new hardware component to protect the unit from overheating. 

This component could increase the cost of production by up to $5 per phone. While this alone is unlikely to add to a significant price increase, a new report says the next iPhone could cost more than $1000 due to the hardware upgrades.

Hot Dad Creates A Song Using Only Facebook Comments!


Woman Found A Trick To Detecting Breast Cancer!

The viral post below has been shared more than 130,000 times! #LaidBackLumps comes from Haley Browning who is suffering from Breast Cancer, and she found her lump by laying down to check. She said he doctor could NOT find he lump by standing up because it would completely disappear. Many websites do not tell you to check standing up, which is why this post is going to viral! 

Beauty Brands Will Now Have To Share What "Fragrance" Means in their Ingredients!

On Tuesday, Unilever announced a new transparency initiative to give people access to additional fragrance ingredient information for all of their personal care lines, which includes brands like Dove, TRESemmé, Suave, Vaseline, and St. Ives.

Currently, the FDA allows manufacturers of soap, shampoo, and skin-care products to use the umbrella term "fragrance" instead of listing the specific chemicals used in personal care products. This practice is intended to protect manufacturer trade secrets but doesn't inform the consumer of potential risks. Fragrances can include known toxic chemicals like phthalates, which have been linked to hormone disrupters that cause birth defects in baby boys, according to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), a nonprofit, nonpartisan environmental research organization in Washington, D.C.

Unilever's new initiative, which they hope to complete by the end of 2018, goes beyond these labeling requirements and will include the fragrance ingredients in a product's formulation above 0.01 percent (100 parts per million) so people will know exactly what they're putting on their bodies.

Go! Transparency! You can read the full article here!

People Who Curse a lot Are Smarter, Funnier, and Healthier! 

F*ck Yeah! According to Elite Daily, a new study has shown that people who curse a lot are funnier, smarter, and healthier!The study found that people with "Swear Word Fluency" typically scored higher on IQ tests. It also mentioned that cursing helps cope with stress, elevate endorphins and help you calm down!

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