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Trying Out Some New Tricks...#iHeartFashion

Mother nature has been wreaking havoc on my lips lately with her wintery breezes. So I did what I always do and started scouring Instagram for some remedies. IG is my new Pinterest when it comes to finding the latest trends. If you havelt tried it you ought to. Just type in something in the searches and peeps the hashtags. I fond some amazing stuff that way.

Last night I tested out these Gold Lip plumping masks that I found and I hate to admit it but they didn't blow me away. You have to leave them on for around 20 minutes and if I'm going to keep my mouth shut for the long I want to product to rock my socks. Immediatley after my lips were silky but waking up tis morning they were back to being dry. 


But on to something new i tried that Im super obsessed with!!!


Here's the BEFORE...


And the AFTER.

After is fully transforms it stays that dark blackish color. I so love the name too!  "Dreamcatcher" 


Until next Time fellow Fashion Addicts! 

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture 

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