Did Kim Kardashian's Instagram Get Hacked?

We've all fallen victim to Instagram spam at one point in our online careers, but did you ever think it would happen to a celebrity with 329 million followers? Me niether.

Although maybe it didn't?

Kim K's account posted something that seemed incredibly out of the ordinary for her on Monday afternoon -- a shopping spree contest.

Great pic, Kim! But what is going on in this caption?

Who wants to shop like me with $130,000.00 USD? YES you guys, just like before, one of YOU can win a $130,000 pre loaded credit card to spend however you like! Buy a new car, travel, shop?... It's up to you! This is my BIGGEST giveaway with @curatedbusinesses EVER, so ENTER NOW #Ad

The strange nature of the post led to some on Twitter to speculate that maybe she got hacked, but the post has been up for 20 hours at this point and she's even posted a more recent picture too!

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