Adele’s “30” Album Was Accidentally Put Out on the Shelves in Target

Adele's "30" album was so supposed to be released on November 19th but Target has other ideas.

A Tik Tok that now has 4.5 million views shows Adele's new album out on the shelves and ready to purchase. @AriesSzn247 took to Tik Tok to see the records on display and if you are wondering if she purchased the unreleased albums...she did. But don't worry she did not leak any of the unreleased tracks. 1.) Because she did not own a record player and 2.) Adele deserves better than that.

But apparently, this is not the first time Target has decided to speed up the release date to an album. Commenters @namjoons_high five and @howdoieven0 mention that Target is notorious for putting albums out early.

Now that this information is out, I would not be surprised if songs from the album start leaking in the next few days because not every fan will be a good as this one!

We will have to wait and see.

Photo: Getty Images

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