Internet Reacts to Chris Evans as the New Buzz Lightyear

Chris Evans is going to infinity and beyond and the internet has some choice words for this. The trailer has dropped for Pixar’s upcoming Buzz Lightyear origin story, “Lightyear.” Rather than focusing on the actual toy from “Toy Story” played by Tim Allen, “Lightyear” will revolve around the “real-life” astronaut that inspired the toy. “Lightyear” premieres June 17th, 2022.

While my childhood was coming alive because Buzz Lightyear was my favorite toy in Toy Story, others did not feel the same way. I believe mostly it is because people are confused about who the storyline is about. The character or the person the toy was based on (but we now have an answer to that)

The reactions were not all bad! A lot of people are excited to even get a little taste of Toy Story in their lives again.

Photo: Getty Images

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