Will Your Christmas Tree Arrive on Time This Year?

Global Supply delays are causing everything to take a little time to get to your home and artificial Christmas trees are no exception.

Jami Warner, executive director of the American Christmas Tree Association, told HuffPost

“Christmas trees, electronics, toys, appliances, computers, cars ― all are experiencing extreme supply chain challenges this season,” Warner said. “We’re all in the same boat, pun intended. Our members have had to scramble for inventory and pay a lot more for it. In some cases, shipping container costs have risen more than 300% over last year.”

With the pandemic still lurking around, people are trying to find more ways to add cheer to their daily lives and a Christmas tree is the obvious choice as we get into the holiday season.

With the supply chain challenges of the moment, some people who were planning to go artificial might have no choice but to purchase a real tree from a lot or farm this year. But Warner is cautiously optimistic about the fake tree market ― at least for those who can think ahead.

Bottom line: If you are thinking about ordering an artificial tree, do it now or think about purchasing one in a store to eliminate the delivery issue...or go natural.

Source: Huffington Post

Photo: Getty Images

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