VIDEO: Man Runs Out of Gas and Makes Wife Walk to the Hospital in Labor

It takes a lot for a video to shock me, but this one might take the cake.

A video with over 7 million views on Tik Tok from user, @Hellsie, shows a pregnant woman and I am assuming the father-to-be walking in the dark to the hospital because the user's baby daddy forgot to put gas in the car and they ran out less than a mile from the hospital.

O! And this poor woman is in LABOR.

The video looks like it was intended to highlight how bad the US healthcare system is since it would cost them $1000 to call an ambulance to take her but the main focus on this DAD TO BE LETTING HIS PREGNANT PARTNER WALK WHILE IN LABOR.

Now I understand that things happen and we all get forgetful at times but there had to be a better way than to make the poor woman walk.

Walking was probably their last resort but I know this man will never live this one down.

The people in the comments were also not so forgiving. Many sarcastically calling this man "dad of the year". You can check out the video down below!

Photo: Getty Images

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