Hooters' New Work Shorts Are Basically Underwear

HOOTERS! A name you probably have not heard in a while, but yes they are still around and recently the franchise has made a change to their classic uniforms.

I have, secretly, always wanted to be a server but now I am glad I got into radio because I can actually wear pants (still want to be a server though haha).

A Tik Tok user and Hooters' server, @theflathootersgirl, shared on her account the new uniforms and that video now has over 6.4 million views! Why? Because the "shorts" are smaller than ever. To be completely honest... these are classic boy short undies.

You can see how short they are in the video below!

What do you think? I am a little shocked because HOOTERS is about the...HOOTERS (and wings). So why so much leg?

Photo: Getty Images

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