How to Make $300 - $1500 Reporting Spam Calls

Who doesn't love a little extra money? Especially when you are benefitting off of those pesky spam callers!

Apparently, you can get paid for threatening to report spam callers...well according to a Twitter user named @missodessa. She breaks down step by step on tricking these spam callers for their information and using it against them. If you do it correctly, you could make between $300 - $1500.

Why would spam callers pay you to not pursue legal action? Well if these companies are found guilty for calling someone on the do not call list, they could be fined tens of thousands of dollars. So in comparison...$300 is not too bad.

If you want the step-by-step instructions on how to combat spam callers, you can check out the Twitter thread down below.

Good Luck!

Photo: Getty Images

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