You Are Blowing Out Your Candles Wrong

Honestly, I have learned more from the internet than in school. Today's lesson, how to properly put out a candle.

Tik Tok user, @SirCandleMan, shared the best way to "blow out" your candle and it does not involve your lungs. At the end of your candle session, instead of blowing them out and letting the smoke fly everywhere, you are supposed to take a "wick dipper"...yes these exist and dip the lit wick into the wax.

If you are like me...I know you are asking "why?". Well Sir Candle Man shares a few benefits to this method

  • No excess smoke...honestly no smoke at all which is better for your lungs
  • The extra wax that is now on the wick allows for a longer burn

You can see the video down below so you can up your candle game.

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