The Best Bikini Bottom Hack for More Coverage Instantly

Swimsuit season is here and if you are looking for a little more coverage with the bikini bottoms you ALREADY HAVE, you need to try this hack out.

It has changed my life and helped out my wallet.

If you are like me, you've put on a few...pandemic pounds and if you are putting on a swimsuit soon to hit the beach or the may have noticed that the bikinis are fitting a little tighter. Well thanks to one Tik Tok user, Riley, she has changed my life with a bikini bottom hack. FLIP THE BIKINI BOTTOM AROUND. Yes. Put it on backwards.

If you are like me, you've probably thought, "this is going to look so obvious and stupid" but I tried it with SIX different bikini bottoms, and each time I was surprised at how flattering it was. Because the back of the bikini is bigger to cover the butt, it gives you more coverage in the front. Now that back is a little more cheeky but not too much where you will feel uncomfortable.

You have to see the hack in action below.

Photo: Getty Images

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