Dog Nearly Jumps Out of Third Floor Window in Viral Video

In a video that now has over 8 million views, everyone was holding their breath as a large dog climbed on a window ledge looking as if it was about to jump from the third floor.

Alejandra Melendez shared the video on Tik Tok and it shows a small crowd surrounding what looks like to be an apartment building in Canada. The dog was standing on the ledge of a window 3 floors up because all of the apartment's windows were WIDE OPEN. Some were prepared to catch this 100 pound dog while other shouted jokes to ease the situation.

At one point the dog looked like it was going back inside but because of all the people down below, it remained on the ledge.

I was holding my breath the entire time watching the video and LUCKILY the owner heard the commotion outside and snatched their pup from the ledge and onto safety.

You can check out the video below.

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