Check Out The World's Smallest Cellphone

Are you #TeamIPhone or #TeamAndroid? If you are neither and are looking for a basic cellphone that doesn't take up too much space, I have just the one for you.

Thanks to Tik Tok I have discovered the L8Star BM70 Tiny Mini Mobile and it looks like your normal circa 2003 phone but...tiny because it is the world's tiniest phone that you can actually use.

The user, @Lopwert shared his purchase of the phone and has a bunch of videos using it because YES it actually works! In the video, the phone is barely the size of his finger!

Now you may not be able to play Candy Crush on this phone but it would be a hilarious gaga gift or an emergency phone that you can hide anywhere.

If you want to see the phone in action you can check out the Tik Tok below!

Photo: Getty Images

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