The Cicada Invasion Is Ending...Here Is What To Expect Next!

The Brood X invasion is coming to an end...almost.

Smithsonian entomologist Floyd Shockley, share it is the beginning of the end of the cicada invasion in the DMV.

If you have noticed that it is a lot quieter in your neighborhood, you are not alone.

Most of the male cicadas (who make all the noise) have successfully mated with a female cicada and they will soon be dying out. So what is next?

  • Experts expect the Brood X cicada population to die out in the next couple of weeks, essentially disappearing by the end of June.
  • You could see more dead cicada bodies than live ones as they drop to the ground.
  • You may also notice the smell as they decompose.
  • You will still see a fraction of the number of Brood X bugs between July and September and you might EVEN still hear them singing in the afternoon on a hot day.
  • Now, what about the babies? The super tiny baby insects will hatch in about six to ten weeks, but you likely won’t see them at all.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Phew!

Source: Washingtonian

Photo: Getty Images

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