Your Double Chin May Not be Fat It May Be Congestion

A video is going viral of a woman visibly making her double chin go away by clearing out the congestion.

You heard that right! Your double chin may be just a build-up of fluid! Now there is nothing wrong with a double chin. If you like I love it but for ME personally, I would like to reduce the double chin I developed during the pandemic, and if I don't have to do cardio 4x a week to get there...I am going to try it.

Julia on Tik Tok shared in a video, that now has over 7.5 million views, how to massage your chin to essentially drain the fluids under your chin. During the video, you can VISIBLY see her chin sharpen up.

My mouth was on the floor and I will now be trying this. You can check out the video below if you want to try it too!

But remember all faces are beautiful and you don't need to change for anyone!

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