University of Maryland Has Released a Cicada Cookbook

Billions of cicadas are going to infest the east coast this year and they will be hard to get rid of, so why not cook them!

If you do not know where to start with incorporating this...delicacy...into your recipes, the University of Maryland has put together an entire cookbook of recipes just for cicadas.

You can look forward to seeing the bugs emerge over the next several weeks, adding that since the individual cicada's lifespan is typically two to four weeks, the bugs will likely be with us for six to eight weeks in total. By the Fourth of July, the cicadas will likely be gone!

Many scientist agree that cicadas are safe to eat and a good place to start is with the cookbook written by Jenna Jadin and the University of Maryland 'Cicadamaniacs,' known as 'Cicada-licious,' which was written in 2004 and includes some "interesting recipes for preparing cicadas."

From cicada tacos to cicada chocolate chip cookies...the possibilities are endless. Most are these are made with young cicadas but you can eat the adults as well, scientist recommend taking the wings and legs off first to avoid them from getting stuck in your teeth.

From there you can wash them and just...BLANCH THEM. *shudders*.

For more information or resources on cicadas click here for the University of Maryland's cicada website.

Source: Fox Baltimore

Photo: Getty Images

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