QUIZ: The Way You Draw Your "Qs" Will Determine If You Are a Good Liar

Now I am not saying to go out and lie BUT there are times where a lie is necessary. If you have to lie, you need to be good at it and apparently the way you write your "Qs" can determine how good you are at lying.

A video on Tik Tok from user 59sekends, now has over 2 million views and it shares how you can tell if you are good liar all by how you draw a Q on your forehead.

QUICK: Draw a capital "Q" on your forehead!

  • If you drew your "Q" so OTHERS can read it = You are good liar
  • If you drew your "Q" so YOU Can read it = Bad liar (cue Selena Gomez)

Want to know why? Check out the video below!

So...are you a good liar?

Photo: Getty Images

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