Dating Someone? Ask Them This Question ASAP

A Tik Tok user is sharing the perfect question to ask that special person in your life to spot red flags. It doesn't matter if you just matched, have been dating for months, or if you are even, married. Ask your significant other this question right now!

In a video that has over 1 million views, Tik Tok user @EmilyPorteous shares a great question to ask a significant other to detect any red flags.

The Question:

"If you were backed into a corner (no weapons), how many 7-year-olds do you think you could fight before they overpower you?"

How to decipher their answer...

If the person provides an unreasonable answer

Red flag! Has a giant ego.

If the person is questioning the question or says it is a weird question.

Red flag! - The person cannot take a joke.

If the person provides a real answer with an explanation or says 0.

You've got a good one. Keep them!

I don't make the rules. But you can hear from the person who does make the rules below!

Photo: Getty Images

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