#BAMBOOZLED - Billie Eilish's Famous Green Hair is a WIG

I now have trust issues! Thanks, Billie Eilish!

I am joking but I was shocked to find out the singer's famous green and black hair was a wig! Here I am thinking she is touching up her green roots every week to keep up the look but nope...it is all fake.

The now Grammy award-winning artist revealed on Tik Tok subtly that the hair we all know her for is an illusion.

In a video that has over 26 MILLION views, Billie Eilish is singing along to her song with Rosalia "Lo Vas A Olvidar" when she zooms in her hairline and LIFTS UP HER WIG.

The video is less than 10 seconds but that was enough to have her fans in her comments go crazy! While a part of me is happy she is not constantly damaging her hair...I am still very shocked.

I have a theory though...what if this is a new wig and it was used to hide her new blonde hair?!??

The world may never know.

Photo: Getty Images

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