Target Is Tracking You and Changing Prices Based on Location From The Store

If you are looking for a deal at Target...turn off your location!

Prices change all the time on retailer's websites but people are discovering just how intense it is, especially at Target.

But what may be news to Target’s rabid followers is that prices are sometimes higher depending on what location they’re shopping ― and even where a person is standing.

Target participates in dynamic pricing meaning prices changes based on user behavior.

In 2019, an investigation by KARE11 news, an NBC affiliate in Minneapolis, found that Target would change its prices based on whether app users were shopping from in or outside a store. In fact, after comparing prices on 10 different products, the station’s total bill was $262 cheaper when shopping from the BACK of the parking lot versus INSIDE the Target store.

Just a few feet or 50 feet to be exact.

How To Avoid Dynamic Pricing

  • Turn off your location
  • Take advantage of price matching
  • Use in-app coupons
  • Download a deal tracker

There is SO MUCH to this discovery. Please read the entire Huffington Post article because it is crazy!

Source: HuffPost

Photo: Getty Images

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