#VIRAL - Apparently You Can Make "Chicken" Out of Flour and Water

I am a meat eater but even I am intrigued how you can turn flour and water into shreddable "chicken".

A video has gone viral from user @futurelettuce on Tik Tok showing how with TWO ingredients you can create "chicken" that looks super realistic. The video has over 9.3 million views and if you check out the video below, you can see why! Because it looks so real and it uses ingredients we all have in our home.

Now you are probably wondering...what sorcery is in play here?

Tik Tokers are combining flour and water to create bread. Then, they wash the bread to get rid of all the starch and season it with ingredients like vegetable stock, paprika, and garlic to give it a flavor close to roasted chicken. For the last step, they fry it on a pan to shred into chicken-like strips.

I cannot wait to try this and if it is good, the possibilities are endless! #MeatlessMondays would become so much easier. Like, check out the stir fry recipe below...I am drooling.

Now there is an official name for this method of making "chicken" and it is called Seitan. So if you notice flour sold out of your local grocery store...now you know why.

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