Miss The Bar? A Website Will Create The Atmosphere For You

If you are tired of Zoom happy hours and miss the ambiance of your local bar, we have the website for you!

This project was kicked off by Maverick, a bar out of San Pedro Garza García, Mexíco, and the website via belong.io, will make you feel like you are at your favorite dive bar with loud voices, street sounds, and all.

The website is called I Miss My Bar, where, unlike real life, you can choose just how loud everyone is talking. You can also change the volume of a number of different sound effects that might make you even more nostalgic for better times, like the clinks of a bartender working, corks being popped, the liquid being poured into a glass, the rain pattering on a window, horns honking outside, you get the idea — the normal commotion of pre-pandemic gatherings.

Source: The Verge

Photo: Getty Images

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