#WARNING - If You Are Doing the #SilhouetteChallenge...Be Careful

You may have seen the #silhouettechallenge going around Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok and if you wanted to participate...be careful!

People online are using lighting, filters, bathroom doorframes, and editing apps to appear backlit, showing off every curve of their bodies. Users are doing this challenge to a sensual remix of the Paul Anka classic “Put Your Head on My Shoulder” with Doja Cat’s “Streets” to go from supper innocent to very sexy.

To give the full effect many are posting this challenge is very minimal clothing...some wearing nothing at all. While it may look like they are all covered up in the video, people have been warning that there are users online editing away the red filter, upping the contrast to see the x-rated video, THEN uploading it to #NSFW websites.

While I am all about embracing your sensual side...just be careful. Cover up in case the video gets in the wrong hands.

You can check out some of the spicey videos down below!

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