I Asked 3 Psychics To Predict My Valentine's Day

I am a romantic and my past Valentine's Day have not been good...need an example? Two Valentine's Days ago...I totaled my car two weeks after breaking up with a guy I was dating....yeah.

Well, I wanted to be prepared this year and noticed that you can buy psychic predictions on Etsy for less than $10!

So I decided to purchase 3 psychic predictions from 3 separate psychics at 3 different price points! One for $2, one for $4 and the last one for $5. I asked them all the same question... "How will my Valentine's Day/weekend go this year?"

Spoiler...they kind of all said I was going to have a great Valentine's Day but I am currently very single...and in a pandemic sooooo here we go!

Psychic Prediction #1: MoonlightandRosesxx on Etsy ($2)

Hello and welcome to your reading. Okay, let’s see what is going on...
Spirit shows that this will go very well for you. I see that you will have what you want and I see that you will have a great weekend.
Love and light

You get what you paid for I guess...haha

Psychic Prediction #2: PsychicAmandaStudio (Amanda Bury) on Etsy ($4)

Through spirit and from what the tarot cards are showing it is revealing. essentially within Valentine's Day does not showing back this will be a time to be spent alone he will be in connection to love and relationship during this time

A man?!?!?!?!! I am not very intrigued.

Psychic Prediction #3: DarkSecretCreations on Etsy ($5)

This one was long and came through text..

Any worry that you have right now about your love life does seem to be unnecessary because I feel as though you are heading to a time of focusing your thoughts on the outcome that you desire. There was also messages coming through about attaining more balance, and for you personally I feel as though this is correlating to you needing to balance your work and personal life. Whatever work means to you. balancing all areas of your life and being sure to give yourself enough time for all areas that need your attention. That is a bit off topic but since it came through I wanted to share it. I feel as though your Valentine's day this year will end up being spent with somebody who you will have a growing connection with. I'm not getting a whole lot of detail about that person but I feel as though it will be someone that will have a potential to be a lasting figure in your life.

Worth the $5!

I will update after Valentine's Day to share if these psychics were onto something!

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