Teens Are Heading to the Baby Aisle to Buy Baby Food

I don't know if this is genius or weird but Gerber may see an uptick in sales thanks to Tik Tok.

We are always looking for snacks that not only taste good and is not horrible for you. Well, one Tik Tok user may have found the solution down the baby aisle.

User Conody Fookwire recently shared on Tik Tok a video (that has over 4 million views BTW) an array of Gerber snacks that you can eat a bunch of and not intake that many calories.

Some of the ones she displayed were Gerber Puffs and one serving is 60...yes 6-0...for TWENTY FIVE CALORIES. And on top of that, they come in so many flavors. Vanilla, strawberry apple, blueberry. Don't like fruit? You can try their "Lil Crunchies" in Mild Cheddar where 18 pieces is 35 calories!

So if you see me in the baby aisle this week...you know why.

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